Combination Box™ Example

Innovation in the direct-response mail business has slowly dwindled in the past decade. Marketers and clients alike have been searching and hoping for a brand new product to revolutionize the industry. Someone needed to answer the call, and we did.

Combination Box™ (Patent No. D698867) utilizes the latest technology and a patented eye-popping design to spark the interest of your direct-response mail recipients. Unlike other products in the market, Combination Box™ has been specifically developed to provide noticeable increased results at an affordable price without sacrificing overall quality.

Combination Box™ offers the perfect combination of interaction and efficient design. The easy to remove pull tab reveals a crystal-clear five-digit combination illuminated by a bright green battery-powered LED. Why a five digit number? Statistically, five digit lotteries and contests have generated the greatest response because they can be memorized easily while still being long enough to appear official and cover large population contests.

To ensure this digital electronic product will maintain that bright LED glow, the battery life has been extensively tested and researched to provide optimal long-lasting performance. At just two inches by one inch, Combination Box™packs an incredible amount of compressed electrical and marketing power.

Our goal was to provide direct-response marketers and clients with a unique product that won’t break the bank.
Simply put, Combination Box™ has fully exceeded our expectations.