The Combination Box™
The cutting-edge product that changed direct-response mail FOREVER…
Moving this industry into the digital age… LITERALLY!

The Combination Box™ is a patented, eye-catching digital electronic device made of hard tempered forged plastic. It has a simple 5-digit LED display with backlit technology designed to provoke immediate consumer interaction. Data tells us that the more the consumer interacts with the mail piece, the greater the response will be to the message. We are hyper-focused on this theory, and our conceptual line of products proves it.

US Government PatentAs you may already know, during the application process, the product and its engineering are constantly scrutinized while under consideration. Please don’t mistake “patent-pending” with a patented product. The Combination Box™ is a patented product with the US Government (Patent No. D698867). A patented product has passed all tests; its engineering and design have been tested and approved. At this point in the process, a product is deemed protected.

What is the real purpose of a patent? To protect the product and the industry/space in which it operates. To exclude others from copying or using the invention without permission. To ensure the longevity of its proper usage. There is not one other LED-digital product patented in the marketing industry within the United States. PERIOD!